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09 July 2009

Tick Size Harmony...

...in a rare show of co-operation (I wonder what is the carrot or (regulatory) stick here to motivate this?) European exchanges and MTFs seem to have agreed on standardising tick sizes (or at least to have two standards rather than twenty five!). Extract from article on AutomatedTrader:

"From the perspective of each trading venue, strong incentives exist to undercut others in terms of tick sizes, which is not in the interest of market efficiency or the users and end investors. This might, in turn, lead to excessively reduced tick sizes in the market. Excessively granular tick sizes in securities can have a detrimental effect to market depth (i.e. to liquidity). An excessive granularity of tick sizes could lead to significantly increased costs for the many users of each exchange throughout the value chain; and have spillover costs for the derivatives exchanges' clients."


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