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20 March 2014

#DMS London - Building a Flexible Enterprise Architecture

You can find A-Team's view on "Building a Flexible Enterprise Architecture" here. Some additional notes/thoughts:

  • I thought Neil van Lint of GoldenSource's comment about "putting lipstick on a pig" with reference to legacy architectures was pretty funny and apt.
  • The old Irish joke about asking for directions and receiving the response "Well I wouldn't start from here" is also amusing but too true with our industry and most large organisations.
  • "Schema on read, not on write" is getting my award for phrase of the month from NoSQL proponents (quote Amir from Mark Logic).
  • Agree that ETL is problematic/a big resource drain but unless starting from a greenfield site it is currently unavoidable.
  • I like the idea of FIBO (and decoupling data meaning from data structure) but still left unsure what it actually (practically) covers so far and how much it is used, despite the references to it by Peter of Nordea. I guess it is all a matter of semantics.
  • I knew little of TOGAF mentioned by Rupert but maybe that is because I am a techie no more (if I ever was).
  • Rupert came back to his "where are we?" and data map questions and asked the audience how many of them had a good handle on where data was used in what systems - unsurprisingly not many with a Morgan Stanley guy saying that there monitoring systems were linked to the operational systems for a full inventory of data.
  • I agree that the regulators need to push standards directly on the industry - Amir ended the panel suggesting the regulators need to say things like "Thou shalt use FIBO".

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