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19 January 2012

In quiet praise of introverts

Corporate (and social) America does lots of things very well - positiveness, enthusiam and lack of (English?) cynicism being some of the best attributes in my view - but other things are not so good such as long "townhall" conference calls with 30 people on the call and only 3 people taking part, and the seeming need to continue talking when it is already evident to you and many listening that you don't know what you are talking about. With these things in mind, I think this article "The Rise of the New Groupthink" in the New York Times is worth a read, as it challenges some of the mainstream practices on corporate collaboration and teaming, and comes out in quiet praise of the creative power of introverts. Seems like Dilbert's cubicle still has its merits in these days of open plan offices and desk sharing.

02 October 2009

High Frequency Trading vs Flash Trading

Economist Tim Worstall has an distinction to make on the differences between high frequency trading and flash trading in a recent article.

Essentially it is the difference between getting your orders in quicker than every one else, and having a peek at what everyone else is doing before putting your money down.  The SEC appears to be conflating the two and has concerns.

With the world condition in banking, could we see some poorly thought out legislation rushed through so that regulators can be seen "doing something"?  Or would it level the playing field a little so that those trading operations that cannot afford the overhead of super fast computers and networks are not excluded?

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