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08 June 2012

Federal Reserve beats the market (at ping pong...)

Thanks to all those who came and along and supported "Ping Pong 4 Public Schools" at the AYTTO fund raiser event at SPiN on Wednesday evening. Great evening with participants in the team competition from the TabbGroup, Jeffries Investment Bank, Toro Trading, MissionBig, PolarLake, AIG, Mediacs, Xenomorph and others. In fact the others included the Federal Reserve, who got ahead of the market and won the team competition...something which has to change next year! Additional thanks to SPiN NYC for hosting the event, and to Bonhams for conducting the reverse auction.

Some photographs from the event below:


Ben Nisbet of AYTTO trying to make order out of chaos at the start of the team competion...



One the AYTTO students, glad none of us had to play her, we would have got wupped...



The TabbGroup strike a pose and look optimistic at the start of the evening...



Sidney, one of the AYTTO coaches, helping us all to keep track of the score...



This team got a lot of support from the audience, no idea why...


29 May 2012

Paddles and Pinstripes in NYC - June 6th

Decisions made in milliseconds in response to competitive pressure, perceived risk and opportunities. No I am not talking about the fast moving worlds of algorithmic trading or near real-time risk management, but rather a fast moving 40mm ball of celluloid involved in the game of table tennis.

I used to play table tennis competitively as a teenager, and since moving to New York have rediscovered the sport (not sure if I am trying to compete to delude myself that I am not getting older, but anyway I enjoy it!). As with many things in the USA, then given the size of the country then there are great facilities available even for minority sports if you look hard enough. Take a look at this great club owned by the guy that writes the New York Times crossword, Will Shortz. And for a different view on table tennis, then I can best describe SPiN in Manhattan as a table tennis nightclub (not words that I ever thought I would associate together...)

Now on to the main subject of this not very "Analytics and Data Management" post. SPiN have very kindly donated a evening towards fundraising for the American Youth Table Tennis Organisation which provides equipment, coaching and promotes competitive play amonst children at public schools in Manhattan. I am a director of AYTTO and one of our main aims is to get kids that otherwise would not take part in any mainstream sport (so baseball, football, basketball here in the USA) to both take up a sport and compete against other schools at it.  

So if you are based in or around New York, then please stop by on Wednesday June 6th for a few drinks, play some ping pong, meet the actress Susan Sarandon and watch some supermodels dancing (ok, this last bit of marketing came from the planet of blatant symbolism but I am not complaining too much...). Also, if you and your company are feeling competitive, then there is also a charity competition in which there is the chance to play against some NFL/MLS stars and become charity table tennis champions. More informaton in the graphic below, so please come along to 23rd Street on June 6th to support a good cause.

For those of you not in or around Manhattan, then pick up your paddle again soon and to recompense you all for reading this very non-standard post then I guarantee that this Japanese video on YouTube will raise a smile.



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